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Plastic barrels are spherical drums molded from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Numerous hazardous items can be stored in plastic barrel drums. These drums are made to properly store and transport materials that must not leak. To seal any hazardous substance, these containers can be paired with sorbents (materials used to absorb liquids and gasses) to avoid leaks. These plastic barrels can also be used for shipping/storing other goods like food, beverages, oils etc. Plastic barrel drums work well as spill containment containers in spill-cleaning scenarios. They are used extensively in both residential and business settings for this purpose. Read More…

Plastic Barrels Plastic barrels are a type of closed-top drum that are ideal for the mixing, storage, dispensing, filtration and transportation of many materials both liquid and solid.
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Cranbury, NJ  |  800-260-3786

For over 60 years, Rahway Steel Drum Company has been a reliable supplier of 55 gallon drums and drum services. We supply containers from 1 quart to 330 gallons in quantities from 1 to over 100,000.

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Venice, IL  |  800-366-5098

Container Distributors, Inc. is your one source for 55 gallon drums. We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable customer service staff, timely deliveries, and wide range of in-stock items.

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Chicago, IL  |  800-760-3786

Jakacki Bag & Barrel is the largest nationwide dealer for 55 gallon drums. Since 1942, we have sold 55 gallon drums of all assortments.

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Lincolnwood, IL  |  847-677-2100

House of Cans specializes in distributing plastic containers— bottles, drums, jars, jugs, and pails plus snap-lock and pry-off containers. We also offer plastic lids and shipping accessories. We offer our customers unrivaled customer service and high quality products. Our team is dedicated to advancing our company and creating innovative strategies and solutions.

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Hudson, OH  |  440-349-3200

With over twenty years of experience, we are your premier source for 55 gallon drums and all corresponding products. Our talented teams of designers and engineers will work closely with you to come up with a product that will be just as unique as you need it and that will offer a long lasting value! We have made it our mission to put our customers first! To learn more about what we may be able to do for you visit us online today!

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How Plastic Barrels are Made

The selection of the appropriate high-density polymer, which may be low density for some types of barrels, is the first step in the fabrication of plastic barrels. The polymers for barrels begin as resin or pellets, which can be made from recycled plastic or freshly generated resin from the resin manufacturing process, depending on the type of barrel. Rotational molding, injection, and injection blow molding are the three techniques utilized to create plastic barrels, with injection blow molding being the most popular and effective. Resin pellets are heated up before being placed inside the mold cavity during the blow molding and injection molding procedures. Resin powder is melted in the heated mold during rotational molding.

Rotational Molding Process

Rotational Molding Process

Rotational molding begins with resin powder, which is neither heated nor melted before being placed into the mold, in contrast to injection and blow molding. During processing, the powdered substance is heated in the mold. The purpose of rotational molding is to create hollow items using rigidly configured steel or aluminum molds. For simple removal of the drum at the conclusion of the rotational operation, the interior of the mold is preconditioned with a release agent. Draft angles, which are tapers on the drum, are another variation of the procedure that makes removal simple without the use of a release agent. To properly distribute the heated resin powder throughout the mold walls, the mold is sealed and rotated in two planes. The heated mold's inner surface is covered evenly with the particulate plastic material, which is fused in stages until the appropriate shape and wall thickness are obtained. The quantity of powder resin added to the mold affects the walls' thickness, strength, and endurance.

Blow Molding Process

Parison Fed into Drum Die

The resin pellets are manually or automatically fed into the hopper, where they pass through the feed barrel and into an extruder. The pellets are heated in the extruder and then transported to the blow molding die. The pellets are heated and melted by heating elements that are mounted to the outside of the screw drive so that they may form into the parison (the molten material) for forming in the mold. The plastic extruder is a crucial component of the heating process because it evenly heats the pellets, ensuring that they all reach the same temperature in the barrel. In order to prevent mistakes and deformations in the finished plastic barrels, this is crucial. The extruder's product is fed into an open mold that has the shape of a plastic barrel. The die is divided into parts, which are pressed together pneumatically or hydraulically. With an aperture on top to allow compressed air to force the parison to the walls of the die, the bottom and top of the parison are sealed between the die halves. The parison is blown into the mold under intense pressure, driving it to the sides. The air pressure makes sure that the plaster is applied to the mold's surface evenly. The air's force dispels any worries about bubbles, faults, or imperfections in the finished product. Until the parison or freshly produced drum has cooled, the die is kept shut. Depending on the kind of polymer being utilized, the cooling procedure differs. The pneumatic or hydraulic motor pushes the die halves apart to make it simple to remove the finished drum.

Plastic Barrel

Applications of Plastic Barrels

  • Plastic barrels have been proved to be the safest and most dependable solution for storing chemicals out of all the available options. Since it requires careful planning and outstanding plastic materials, storing and containing hazardous and volatile chemicals is an extremely risky and difficult task. Exposure of dangerous compounds to the environment is one of the main issues with chemical storage. The ideal choice for protection from external environmental conditions, severe heat, and close proximity to other chemicals is well sealed rust and corrosion resistant plastic barrels.
  • Wine was traditionally fermented and stored for many centuries in wooden barrels, which ultimately gave way to stainless steel barrels. The wine industry has discovered that using plastic drums for fermentation and product storage is more cost-effective since the introduction of FDA food grade plastic barrels. Drums made of polyethylene are preferred because they are highly durable and chemically resistant. Manufacturers have found that plastic is lighter, easier to handle, and less expensive to clean than other materials. Plastic drums are a flexible and high-quality alternative to the conventional wood cask and make for an excellent storage container.

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