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The plastic pail or bucket is a very common tool found around the house, in industrial and manufacturing facilities, and as a part of cleaning equipment. Originally, pails were made of metal or wood and were a bit cumbersome. With the technological advancements and innovations of plastic molding and processing, a new form of pail arose made from plastic. Read More…

Plastic Pails The plastic pail or bucket is a very common tool found around the house, in industrial and manufacturing facilities, and as a part of cleaning equipment. Originally, pails were made of metal or wood and were a bit cumbersome. With the technological advancements and innovations of plastic molding and processing, a new form of pail arose made from plastic.

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We offer a comprehensive range of plastic containers that cater to various packaging requirements. Our plastic containers come in different shapes, sizes, and configurations to accommodate a wide array of products. These containers are made from high-quality plastics that are resistant to corrosion, impact, and other potential hazards, ensuring the integrity of your goods during storage and...

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A typical bucket or pail is shaped like a cylinder with vertical rounded sides, a flat bottom, and no top. In many ways, it very much resembles a tiny barrel or drum. For convenience, pails have a half circle handle made of plastic or light metal.

What is a Plastic Pail?

A plastic pail is a small watertight container capable of holding between a gallon or 3 liters of material and as many as 13 gallons or 50 liters. Though their traditional shape is cylindrical, there are other configurations and types such as those with slightly slanted sides or others that have a closed head or sealed top.

The top of most pails is open to allow for easy access. Liquids, chemicals, and granular materials can be poured in or out to be carried for use or storage. When a pail is used for cleaning, solvents, cleaners, and water are poured in and mixed. Since pails made of plastic are light, it is easy to place them under a faucet to be filled with water.

Closed head plastic pails have a lid that has been permanently affixed to the top. They have one or two plugs for filling and dumping and are designed for storing and shipping of liquids. Closed head pails have a single purpose and are not as flexible or convenient as open head pails.

How Plastic Pails are Made

The process for making a plastic container such as a barrel, drum, or bucket is called blow molding and involves the use of a polymer resin. The most important characteristic of these types of pails is their tight seal that prevents liquids from escaping. To achieve this feature, plastic pails are shaped as a single piece of plastic using blow molding.

The production of plastic pails begins with the creation of a hollow plastic tube called a parison or preform; it is placed between two dies that have the shape of the pail. Air blown into the molten plastic forces it to the sides of the die. The plastic is allowed to cool and harden before the new pail is ejected.

The major benefits of blow molding plastic buckets is the uniform thickness of their walls and the exceptional seal. Thousands of pails can be produced per hour using the process.

Materials Used to Make Plastic Pails

Plastics chosen to make pails have to be durable, impact resistant, acid and chemical resistant, and rigid. The most common forms of plastics are thermoplastics; they are a pliable and ductile plastic that can be easily melted and shaped. Some of the most common types of thermoplastics are polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, polyethylene terephthalate, and polycarbonate.

Each of the various materials used to produce plastic pails are chosen due to their ability to be reused and recycled. This is one of the main reasons that buckets and pails are often produced using plastic resin.

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